Sunday, April 5, 2015


كل ما أتذكره عن
هى لحظة موتها
فى غرفتها
يحاولون إنقاذها
وابى يبكى
وانا اصرخ محاولا
الوصول اليها
وفى كل مرة انجح بالوصول لباب الغرفة
يعيدنى ابى الى الأريكة

"My only memory of my mom is her dying. I remember the doctors were in her room trying to save her. And I remember I was screaming, and my dad was crying, and I kept trying to run into her bedroom, but every time I got to the door, my father would catch me and bring me back to the couch."
Human of NEW YORK


norahaty mo said...

الموضوع موجع
واحــنا مش ناقصين
نقفل التعليقات المرة دى

norahaty mo said...

الحمد لله رب العالمين